5 Sales Going on This Weekend

If y'all know us at all, you know that we don't ever buy anything at full price. We wait until things go on sale, or we hunt until we find it cheaper somewhere else. Have we ever mentioned that PJ is the king of deals? Like, seriously amazing at finding the most amazing pieces at half the price? Well, this weekend you can be the king of deals, too!

We've rounded up a couple of sites that are having sales this weekend and a few of the items we are digging from them. Check it out:

PB Pillow.jpg

Pottery Barn has this cute Halloween pillow that is cracking us up. Regularly $25.50, on sale for $20!


We're digging this Army canvas laundry hamper from Wayfair. There's something about a cool hamper that makes you want to do laundry isn't there? Regularly $28.95, on sale for $15.99!


Paraphrasing Nora Ephron, something about fall makes us want to buy school supplies. This backpack from Urban Outfitters is perfect for school or, as we like to do, using as an overnight bag when traveling. Right now it's 20% off!


This one is sentimental to us, because PJ got this for Thomas' mom about a year ago. This brass wishbone from West Elm is the perfect back-to-school fall gift to wish someone luck on their first day. Regularly $19, on sale for $14.99!


Lastly, how cool are these Optimist Monogram mugs from Anthropologie? Fall= new mugs every single year because it's just an unspoken rule, and these would be a fun new addition don't you think? Regularly $12, on sale for $7.95!

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