A Fall Tablescape Featuring Pottery Barn


If you've been following us for a while, you know that our favorite season is fall. We love absolutely everything about it: the weather, the food, the clothes, and the overall cozy feeling the season brings. But by far the best thing about fall to us is getting to decorate our house. More specifically, making it feel like an inviting and welcoming home during our favorite time of the year.

We collaborated with Pottery Barn for a three part series to bring you ideas on how to spruce up your fall decor this year, but with a fun little twist. We will be showing you how to decorate three different parts of your home using seven key items so that your money, and your creativity, will go a long way. The three areas we will be focusing on will be the dining room, the front door, and the fireplace mantle. Part 1 of the series is the dining room, so let’s get right to it!


When setting up a tablescape, it’s always best to start with the runner as the foundation, and build upon the rest from there. Once the runner is set, frame out your area by placing the topiaries where you want them on the table, usually about 2-3 feet apart depending on table size (ours is 9 ft). We placed faux fall leaves in the topiaries to make them more seasonal. Then, start placing your larger items on the table like the pumpkins and the seasonal decorations (the candy holder and wine holder). How cute are those "walking dead" condiment holders? We filled ours with candy corn for a fun, tis-the-season treat.


After the larger items are set, next place the garland since it will take up the majority of the space. We weaved ours around the pumpkins in a zigzag pattern so that it looked nice and full. Once you have the garland where you want it, begin filling in the empty spaces with the smaller items, such as candles, gourds, and little pumpkins. For a make-them-look-twice decoration, try adding these fun beaded spiders that are surprisingly life-like at first glance. They also let your guests know you don't take yourself too seriously ;).


After that, you can put the finishing touches on your tablescape by setting the table for guests. We went with a less formal feel by not placing silverware, but made sure that our napkins matched our runner for a custom look. As a fun little something extra, we sprinkled small, faux leaves around the table to give it a pop of color.


Since our dining room table was getting all of the attention, our buffet was looking a little sad and underwhelming, so next we turned our attention to it. We kept it simple, however, by adding lanterns with faux candles, fall garland, and vases flanking either side of it.


We filled the vases with dried branches (we used Sky Pencil Japanese Holly). When styling a room we always like to incorporate hints of nature any way we can, whether it’s live plants, faux plants, or even branches from your own backyard. It’s a simple way to bring the outside in!


Up next, we will turn our attention to the outside of your house to show you how to reuse these 7 items to make your front door/entryway feel welcoming and festive. We want to give a huge thank you to Pottery Barn for collaborating with us during our favorite time of the year! Stay tuned for part 2 of this series!

-Full list of products used-