New Friends

Happy hump day everyone! How was your Halloween? We had an absolute BLAST last night as our town goes all out for Halloween with shutting the downtown streets for trick or treating, decorating the houses, and everyone you know stopping in for some wine and chili. We went as another HGTV-themed duo this year and you can head over to our Instagram to check it out. 

 We didn't post a thing last week as we took some time off the blog and our YouTube to focus on some other projects we have going on, and the break was nice. BUT, the reason we didn't post last week was because we were so busy every night meeting new friends that, before last week, we had only met through Instagram.

First, the boys from Probably This came through town on their camping trip and we ended up inviting them to stay with us for 2 days! It was so cool to meet another couple who is navigating their way through the world of social media and to get their take on it. Also, they were just really friggin hilarious.


The same night Matt & Beau came, our friend Sayle was in town as well and paid us a few visits. She is from Cleveland like us, just two streets over actually, but moved to NYC back in the early 2000s where she lives with her wife. She is a wine expert (check out her website/business here!) who was filling us all with so much knowledge, not just about wine, but about culture and current politics. She is so extraordinary and we can't wait to see her again when she comes back to visit her family!

Isn't she fabulous?

Isn't she fabulous?

We laughed and laughed and laughed and drank wine all night. It was so refreshing to meet people in real life that are just as wonderful as you know them to be online.


Also, it's worth noting here, that all of our new friends in the photos above sent thank you notes/care packages after they came to visit us. How did we get so lucky to have found them?

The next day we got invited to drinks with some other Instagram friends at Blackberry Farm near Knoxville, which was the first time we had ever been there, despite living so close. It was breathtakingly gorgeous, from the mountain views and sweeping hills, to the beautifully designed interiors of the main house/restaurants. The landscaping was gorgeous, you take golf carts to get everywhere, and the staff was so welcoming and friendly. At one point we came across a pretty sweet campfire with perfectly placed logs with literally no one around, but there was a basket filled with goodies to make s'mores (but no sticks?!) and a pretty view of the mountains. They have thought of pretty much everything.


We met Jesse and Justin for drinks and didn't stop laughing the entire night. As it got colder outside, they invited us to stay for dinner in the main house which was the perfect blend of Ralph Lauren meets rustic prestige. Not to mention the food was absolutely delicious. Oh and dessert? Don't get us started on Sarah's Chocolate Cake and the cookies.

How charming are those sconces?

How charming are those sconces?

They were both so down to earth and inviting and kept us laughing non stop. They're huge HGTV fans like us so that was a big topic of conversation all night. All in all, it was a beautiful fall night spent with great food, amazing views, and two charming men we're happy to have finally met in person.


So that was our week! It's crazy how social media can connect you with people you from all over the world, people you may not have normally come across, especially being from s such a small town. We hope y'all had a wonderful Halloween and ate lots of candy!!