Our Newest Addiction

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We have been completely obsessed with something for the past week and we aren't afraid to admit it. Honestly, it hasn't even been a full week yet and we are almost finished with season 2.

That's right. We're talking about a friggin TV show here. And the TV show in question is Showtime's Shameless and we are absolutely hooked. Have you seen it? Are you as obsessed as we are?

We are pretty late to the party on this one. It's been out since 2011 but Thomas' sister advised us to watch it (read: forced us to watch the first episode one night) and we're so glad she did because now we spend every night on the couch watching it before bed. We haven't been this obsessed with a TV show in a while but this show grabs you and keeps you attention from the first episode.

It's a comedy/drama (a dramedy, if you will) about the Gallagher family who live in Chicago. The dad, Frank, is a complete piece of shit who is constantly drunk and looking for fast, easy ways to make money, usually at the expense of his family. His oldest child is Fiona, who is barely 21 and is taking care of the other 5 kids. It's a family show at heart, with a full house of kids helping each other out and doing what it takes to survive. It gets pretty graphic at times, but we can't recommend it enough if you haven't seen it. We are completely obsessed. 

All of the seasons are currently streaming on Netflix. The best part is, season 8 is currently airing right now on Showtime and the show was renewed for a ninth season, so we will be watching this show for a while! #blessed


 UPDATE: DirectTV reached out to us and showed us a fun little graph that shows you how much items in the show cost in real life (like the house and their cell phones). Check it out here!!


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