Feature Friday with Wyatt Stark & Cody Schmitz

Happy Friday everyone! What are y'all up to this weekend? We have a guest from out of town coming to stay with us for the weekend and we have a couple of things planned to do while she's here. It's supposed to be back up in the 80's and sunny all weekend, so needless to say we are welcoming the next few days with open arms. 

Friday around here also means it's time for FEATURE FRIDAY, and this week we are featuring another inspiring couple who know how to have fun with each other while looking completely adorable together. We found their words touching (especially the last question) and we are so excited to share their story with you this week. Take a look and see what we mean:


Where are you from? Wyatt (left) is from Fort Scott, Kansas. Cody is from Concordia, Kansas.

Where do you live? Kansas City, MO.

What’s your Instagram handle? Wyatt: @wyatt.stark Cody: @_codygene


How long have y’all been together and how did you two meet? Who asked out who? We have been together for eight months. We first met through Instagram; Cody’s profile showed up as a suggested follow on my feed. I always thought Cody was so cute, but I was too nervous to follow. With the help of my friends, I built up enough courage to follow Cody, and he followed back immediately! 

Choose a song for the story of your relationship: 1234 by Feist.


What is your favorite thing about each other? Wyatt: My favorite thing about Cody is his patience. He has seen me at my worst and has been patient enough to sit with me through hard times. I also love his sense of humor. I’ve never met someone that I can laugh so much with.

Cody: I love how silly Wyatt is! He doesn’t show his goofy side to everyone, so I feel very lucky to get to laugh so hard with him every single day.


How would you describe your home décor style? We love midcentury modern design as well as Japanese Zen! All about opening the interior with big windows, high ceilings, minimal clutter, and lots of light!

Any big plans for the future? Where do you see yourselves in 10 years? Wyatt: I see myself living in a city and still running everyday. I also love baking, and would love to discover the ins and outs of owning and operating my own bakery. 


Cody: I will continue to write and make films! I hope to be a published author and produce visual work that inspires me.

 What is your favorite memory together? We saw our favorite band, a Korean pop group called Twice, in concert. That was so special! 


What is one thing still left on your bucket list? To meet Twice in person!

How old were you when you came out and what was your experience like? Wyatt: I came out when I was 19. I wasn’t sure what my peers would think, because I attend a private Christian university, but those who know me have been very supportive. Coming out has helped me grow to know and love myself for who I really am. My life was changed for the better.

Cody: I came out when I was 20. Before that I was open with only a few close friends. But after learning about what had happened at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando, I felt that those brave lives needed to always be remembered through strength and love, not more fear and hate. Now, I learn so much about my community and social issues every single day. Coming out has made me a more empathetic, vulnerable, and open person. I am so thankful for it!


Have you faced any backlash or hardships as a couple? We have heard our share of incendiary comments when we have gone out in public, but the majority of voices are so loving and supportive that it has become much easier to focus on the good. We are so lucky to be starting our relationship in a time when preconceived notions are changing every day.


What is one piece of advice you would give to others on how to make a relationship last? Always make the kindest assumption about one another in every situation. Check the stories you are telling yourself to see if they’re true, and then really listen to one another with empathy!