The Two Parts of the VMAs That Gave Us Chills

Did you guys watch the VMAs on MTV last night? We used to be obsessed with them ~back in the day~ and it's fun to watch them now and see how trends and music has changed. 

We loved Taylor Swift's new music video , Miley killed it on stage per usual, and we thought Katy Perry was a so-so host. However, there were two parts of last night's show that we particularly loved and moved us. 

The first was Logic's performance about inclusion and equality, for everybody. It was a beautiful, honest, raw performance, but the best part comes at the end. Check it out:

The second was Pink's acceptance speech for the Video Vanguard Award. Ellen Degeneres (you know our feelings about her) presented the award to her which made it even more perfect. In the speech, she talks about how she doesn't change for society despite some of the negative things they say about her. It was an inspiring speech revolving around a conversation she had with her daughter about about how she should always be herself. It was moving and it was powerful and we hope that if there's one thing you take away from following us, it's to always always always be yourself, no matter what anyone else might think of you. Check it out below:

So what did you guys think? We loved seeing all of the positive messages about self-love, equality, and inclusion at the VMAs last night. What were your favorite parts?