Christmas 2017


How was your Christmas? As you know we hosted for the first time this year and it was a success! Family, friends, food, dogs, Christmas Fettuccine, movies, and laughs. The works!  We hope you had a merry Christmas, too, friends.

 We documented our Christmas Eve and Christmas Day in the video below, if you'd like to check it out:

A Christmas Tradition

TFS 3.jpg

It's Christmas Eve and we are checking off last minute items from our to-do list in preparation for hosting Christmas for the first time at our house. Luckily, there's not much to do. Clean a few bathrooms, change the sheets, sweep and vacuum. Easy right?

No matter if we are doing Christmas at our house or another family member's, we always make sure and keep one tradition going each and every year. We are big on movies in this family, have we mentioned that? 

There are some movies we go back to each year like The Holiday or Love Actually, but there's one we look forward to more than the others and have seen at least three million times. We watch The Family Stone every year on Christmas or Christmas Eve. Thomas and his family have done it for years even before us, but we have kept it going and it never gets old. Have you seen it?

TFS 2.jpg

 A lot of people are divided on it (for reasons unknown to us) but it's the perfect representation of what a big family is like when everyone gets together around the holidays. There are some fights, lots of hugs, tears, laughs, great food, deep discussions, and plenty of love. Not to mention THE HOUSE. Oh man, don't even get us started. It has to be our favorite movie house of all time. It's old, warm, inviting, cozy, cluttered, comfortable. It's done in browns and oranges, with tons of wallpaper (swoon) and old oriental rugs. It has been the biggest inspiration for us yet as far as movie houses go. 


We highly recommend it if you haven't seen it! What are some of your family's Christmas traditions? Maybe you watch the same movie every year or go see a play or ride around to look at Christmas lights? We would love to get some ideas! Merry Christmas Eve, y'all. xx


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How to Make No-Bake Holiday Treats

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We got into the Christmas spirit last night and decided to make some easy, no-bake holiday treats to pass out to loved ones during this festive season. We made peanut clusters, white chocolate covered pretzels, haystack chocolate, peanut butter and Ritz crackers dipped in chocolate with sprinkles on top, and pretzels with Rolos and pecans on top. Are you noticing a chocolate theme?

treats 4.JPG

These goodies are so easy to make and something the whole family can do together. Did we mention they're all so addicting? Because they are, and you need to be careful not to eat them all in one sitting. We had a blast making this video and hope you guys enjoy it. Check out the video below and be sure to stay tuned until the end to watch the ridiculous bloopers!

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Four Things to Not Worry About This Holiday Season


• A messy, cluttered house - guests won’t care what your house looks like anyway, they’ll just be happy to see you!

• Feeling guilty about eating too much - that’s what New Years resolutions are for and life is too short not to have cinnamon rolls on Christmas morning 😊.

• Buying the perfect present - it’s the act of giving that’s the most important.

• Comparing yourself to others - nobody is perfect and what you see online is just one tiny square of an entire life made up of many mistakes and imperfections. But that’s life and that’s what makes it so beautiful 🎄. 

A Fun Christmas Party

Christmas Party.JPG

Last night we went to a friend's Christmas party, which was our first one of the season! There's something about getting dressed up in a nice sweater and coat while it's freezing outside and going to mingle with friends. Bonus points if the house is pretty, which it was last night. 

Our friend Jen's home is absolutely gorgeous. Not only that, she's an amazing hostess, with the best food, seasonal decor, and music. She had her fireplaces going, a million little tea candles, and lots of lamps on, creating such a cozy atmosphere. 

christmas Party 6.JPG
christmas Party 3.JPG
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christmas Party 11.JPG

In a weird turn of events, Thomas' brother's girlfriend works for Jen's husband. So we were all strangely connected before we even realized it. Small town, huh?

Us with Thomas' brother Taylor

Us with Thomas' brother Taylor

Our best friends The Kyles, who actually introduced us to Jen, were there too. We hadn't seen them in SO LONG so it was nice to catch up over our favorite pastime: stuffing our faces with food.

christmas Party 8.JPG
christmas Party 4.JPG
Can we talk about her foyer? Swoon.

Can we talk about her foyer? Swoon.

Such a fun night meeting new friends, catching up with old ones, and enjoying everyone's company in this festive season. Because isn't that what Christmas is all about? Being thankful for each moment you have with the people you love most.

It was late and we were tired, but her tree was too beautiful to not get a picture in front of.

It was late and we were tired, but her tree was too beautiful to not get a picture in front of.