Thank You For Being You


I love you. I understand you, every part of you because you're so easy to understand but more complicated than anyone I've ever met and I like it that way to be honest because you keep me guessing and wondering how I made it so long without you and as I'm sitting here writing this and it's one in the morning and you're passed out beside me, I'm wishing I'd known you forever but in a way I feel like I have because it's hard to remember my life before you but I know what my life is now with you and the impact you've had on it and how even after all this time I'm still in awe of your hard work and your determination and your humor and the voices you make that get me every time and your muscles and your smile and how you always seem to be able to fix everything and no one will ever love you as much as I love you, but that's not to say you're not lovable- you're the most lovable actually, it's just I can't properly express my feelings for you with these words because they won't fit or maybe they haven't been invented yet, but all I know is that even if we never buy another house or you lose all of your muscles and the voices stop or maybe one day you aren't able to fix something, I will always always ALWAYS find a reason to celebrate you because of all of the above and more. Thank you for being you.