Have a Beautiful Weekend


What are you up to this weekend? We’re babysitting the kids again (!) so there’s going to be some trampoline and park time mixed in somewhere. They’ve been redoing one of the main parks here in town for just over a year, and it should be finished within the next month or so. The oldest kiddo asks if it’s finished every time he sees us and we can’t wait to finally take them once it’s ready!


We woke up to a 60 degree morning today and have been spending it outside on the back deck with the door open before it gets up to 90 degrees later on in the afternoon. PJ is repotting some plants and the kiddos are playing with the ball while the dogs watch cautiously.
We keep smelling a hint of something in the air that reminds us of our favorite hotel in Amsterdam, which is giving us all the feels. It’s been a good morning ❤️.

Hope you have a great weekend, friend. xoxo

PS: doesn’t Amsterdam look so dreamy in the fall?