Found! The Perfect Minimalist Phone Case


After searching high and low, Thomas finally found the simple, sleek phone case he was looking for and it was less than $10.

We both have the iPhone XR and it seems they are just now starting to get more fun and unique phone cases since debuting last September. Thomas had been looking for a minimalistic phone case for a while now, one that didn’t add a lot of bulk to his phone but made it easier to grip. And he found it!

He ordered this case off Amazon for $6.99 in black, but they also have fun, bright colors like yellow, green, purple, etc. It doesn’t offer too much in the way of protecting your phone, but if you don’t drop it too often then you should be fine.

What kind of phone case do you have? Do you like the slim ones with little protection or the bulky ones that actually do their job? :)