Our Biggest Summer Trip Yet


A few weeks ago, we announced where we’re going this summer and we don’t think we’ve ever been more excited for a trip in our lives.

We’re traveling once again with Celebrity Cruises and this time we’re heading to Europe! Specifically, we’re going to be visiting Spain, France, and Italy on a week-long cruise to help celebrate Pride Month (which just might be our favorite part of this whole thing) for their annual Pride Party at Sea.

We got a little taste of Europe last year when we went to Amsterdam and we fell head over heels in love with it. We felt a familiarity there, like it was where we were supposed to be all along. Do you know what we mean? Even though we’re from a small town in southeast Tennessee, Amsterdam strangely felt like home, or at least a place we could see ourselves living. Then we looked up one of the houses on the canal (where our hotel was and where we could see ourselves living) and saw the price tag and then quietly, and with no reservations, came back down to earth :).


It’s been on our bucket list for pretty much ever to go to France and Italy. We’ve always felt a connection to Europe, even before we ever visited it, because of the rich history and deep connection to beautiful architecture. When we were in Amsterdam, we spent most nights walking the cobblestone streets looking at all of the canal houses, admiring their high ceilings and seeing if we could peer into the windows to see what they looked like inside. No surprise: they were all decorated to perfection.

This is the last big trip (and first one in months!) we have planned for a while, and we were talking earlier about how grateful we feel for it and how it’s the perfect last trip before we start our next project. We touched on the importance of that project in this post and we can’t wait to share it all with you, but for now we’re keeping this one close to our hearts.

We hope to see you on board the Celebrity Edge at the end of June! We had such a blast last year and are so excited to be celebrating Pride again with Celebrity Cruises, a company who puts equality (in all forms) first in all they do. We can’t wait!!