PJ’s 33rd Birthday


Every year, May 24th comes around and our boy turns one year older.

PJ doesn’t like to make a big fuss about his birthday. In fact, he would be okay not celebrating it at all. It has something to do with not liking all the attention on him, and thinking birthdays aren’t that big of a deal anyway. And you can forget waiting to see the look on his face when he opens his presents- he hates opening them in front of people and would prefer to do it when we get home.

But each year, we still celebrate it all the same! We kept it low key this year and started the day off at home, with a slow and relaxing morning drinking coffee and playing with the fur babies. We had to shoot some photos for an upcoming collaboration, so we knocked that out as soon as we could, then headed to the gym.

After the gym we had a little time to kill, so we made the drive out to his aunt’s house and laid at the pool for about an hour and chatted with her. She’s the sweetest woman ever and we always say it feels like we’re on vacation every time we visit her house, even if it’s only for an hour.

Once we left the pool, we headed home to get showered and cleaned up. Thomas snapped this picture of PJ before we left our house. PJ didn’t feel like posing, but Thomas made him do it anyway 😂.


Besides not liking to make a fuss over his birthday, PJ is also not big on surprises. As in, he hates them, haha. And for some reason, every year, Thomas decides to try and surprise him in some way or another. It’s tricky when one person loves to celebrate birthdays and the other doesn’t and every year it’s very interesting to see what we do for each other. Do we do what WE want and think is best for them in their birthday? Or do we do what they want to do because it’s their day? Maybe we do a little of both?

So along with not liking to celebrate and hating surprises, PJ also has a knack for figuring out all of his birthday plans before they actually happen. He guesses where we’re going, what we’re eating, what he’s getting for his birthday, etc. By the time he’s finished, there’s almost no element of surprise left. But now you know he prefers it that way anyway ;).

He guessed what we were doing (he has borderline psychic abilities- it’s almost scary) but nonetheless, we got in the car and headed to Chattanooga. When we got to Thomas’ brother’s house, there was a small surprise waiting for him (the first picture on this post), we ate some apps and had a glass of wine, PJ opened his gift from Thomas, and then we all loaded into the boat and rode to a fun restaurant on the river, literally called Scottie’s on the River. The view on the ride over was breathtaking.


We sat outside on the covered patio that overlooked the river. It was hot, but they had a lot of fans on and luckily we were distracted by all the good food and even better company.

Once dinner was over, we started to make our way back to the house, and the night time scene was equally as beautiful as the ride to the restaurant. We put on some music and enjoyed the ride home, feeling full (in more ways than one) from a fun night out.


If you want to see how it all played out in more detail (including what Thomas got PJ), you can watch our new YouTube video here all about PJ’s birthday.

We want to thank everyone so much for the sweet birthdays wishes you sent PJ’s way. He felt all the love and more and it means the world to us that you sent him cards, DM’d him, and commented “happy birthday” on our posts.

Here’s to celebrating our boy and wishing him the best year ever. PJ McKay, what would we do without you? xx