We’ve Developed a Terrible Habit Lately


Every night, we curl up on the couch, maybe have a glass of wine, and…

STAY UP UNTIL 1 A.M. WATCHING TV. Why?! What has gotten into us? We don’t know what started it or how it developed into us staying up so late (instead of just kind of late), but it’s been an every night occurrence lately and we’re conflicted.

On one end, we love the shows we’re watching (Pose, Game of Thrones, Chernobyl, The Fosters) and of course the quality time together is always nice. Also, we love nothing more than staying in, popping popcorn, and sipping a glass of red on the couch while bingeing our favorite shows. We’re homebodies to the very core, and we wouldn’t change that for the world.

BUT. On the other end, we’re staying up way too late and not getting enough sleep at night. Thomas wakes up about two hours before PJ each morning, so it’s been especially rough lately, and come 5p, coffee has to be made or else. We started staying up late when Thomas quit his 9-5 job in Feb. Before that, when he went to part time in 2018 (and was only working three days a week to help out with our other businesses) and had Friday’s off, we always used to joke that Thursday nights were our “Friday nights”, and we would stay up waaaaay too late just because we could. It would be 7p on Thursday and one of us would realize it and just yell out, “It’s Friday night!!!!!!”. Now, technically, every night is Friday night, which means more late night movies, books, or Pinterest scrolling, and less sleeping.

Maybe one day (soon) this staying up late thing will lose its appeal and actually getting enough sleep will be more important. Until then, we’ve got a few more shows to finish ;).