Life Lately


Where have the last two weeks gone?

We’ve been traveling so much lately, we’ve barely been home the last few weeks. In fact, out of the last 14 days, we’ve only been in town for three of them. We’re so grateful for the chance to get to travel (honestly we’ve been having the time of our lives) and visit places we’ve dreamed about going for so long. All of this traveling has also been forcing us to learn how to travel better together. Picture Type A PJ planning and packing and stressing and making sure everything is in order, and picture Type B Thomas waiting until the last minute and hoping he didn’t forget anything. Hectic, right? :)

We made the announcement two weeks ago that Thomas left his 9-5 job (that he went part-time at last year to help out with our business more) a few Friday’s ago and really felt the love you were sending our way. It wasn’t an easy decision, but maybe we had been heading that direction (him leaving for good to focus full-time on our business) for a while now and just didn’t realize it? We have huge plans this year for the land we purchased and we’re going to be putting all of our time and energy into that, getting it off the ground, and hopefully having it up and running by the end of the year. That is, when we’re not traveling, of course.


We have one more trip planned and we leave in two days! We’re heading to Disney World and we can’t wait to take you along with us. We both haven’t been in almost 20 years, so we don’t even know what to expect (besides magic!). How much has it changed? Have you been lately? It’s a shorter trip, and we’ll be home by the end of the week and once we do, we don’t plan on leaving the house for a few days, at the least. Our friend Dixie has been staying at our house and taking care of our fur babies while we’ve been out of town, but there’s still so much we have to catch upon- most importantly, getting our Easy shop back up and running! So many of you have messaged us asking if it’s broken or if we’ve discontinued our apparel and the answer is no! It’s just disabled for a bit while we travel, but we just got a new shipment in with a fun new twist on a favorite color, so we can’t wait to get it all loaded again and have it go live. Stay tuned!

We also uploaded a new YouTube video all about our time on the cruise we went on two weeks ago! Check it out here.


Let’s see…. what else? We just finished The Umbrella Academy on Netflix and LOVED it. Have you seen it? We love superhero/syfy shows and this one did not disappoint. What shows have you been watching and loving lately?

It’s been raining here for more than a week straight and our yard is flooded. Counting the days until spring gets here and we can start to do some serious yard work because it’s looking ROUGH. Hopefully it’s not too bad where you are. Today, however, it’s beautiful out. The sun is pouring through our windows and we actually opened some of them and let the breeze in for a bit. Feeling grateful for this weather because come Wednesday, it’s supposed to start raining again. A lot. A lovely thing to come home to, no? :)

We’re off for the day. Thanks for being here with us. We don’t think we could ever adequately tell you how grateful for you we really are.