Where Does All the Time Go?


How do you find time to:

  • water the plants
  • walk the dogs
  • mow the yard
  • sweep the front porch
  • vacuum the rugs
  • dust the wood furniture
  • change the cat's litter box
  • feed the dogs
  • give the dogs a bath
  • see your friends
  • see your family
  • shop and cook for dinner
  • drink a half-gallon of water a day
  • sweep and mop the house
  • respond to emails
  • go to social events
  • watch Netflix
  • read a book
  • read a blog
  • listen to a podcast
  • listen to your favorite music
  • watch your favorite movie
  • spend time with your significant other
  • get your oil changed
  • go to the doctor/dentist/chiropractor
  • post to Instagram
  • post to Facebook
  • post to Twitter
  • post to YouTube
  • post to Tumblr
  • workout
  • eat healthy
  • keep your cholesterol down 
  • have a life

What else? Asking for a friend.