Day 24: First Day in Marfa


We recently went to Marfa, TX for a few days with 7 Moons Wine to go glamping in the desert, and it was such a neat, out-of-the-ordinary experience for us. Have you ever been glamping?

We've never been camping together before, let alone glamping, so we didn't really know what to expect. We had also never been to Texas before so it was a trip of many firsts! If you want to see how our trip went, take a look below...

We stayed at El Cosmic in Marfa, TX, which is this really cool camp ground that has a mixture of tents and old Airstreams that they converted into little campers for a~higher end~ glamping experience, if you will. Tent #20 was our home for three days:


There were quite a few other people that stayed there with us that we hadn't met before, but we all got along so well that by the end of the trip we felt like we had known them for so much longer. Who did we go with? Some amazingly talented people:

Officially Quigley, Hungry Hipsters, Yummertime, XK Flyaway, Amy Seder, Brandon Burkley, Alex Goode, and John Curley.

See the wooden building with the vines all over it? That's actually one of the bathrooms! It was covered in grape vines. How cute is that? 


All of the showers were outside, which we were hesitant about at first, but after we took the first one, we were hooked, and by the end of the trip we were brainstorming where we could install an outdoor shower on our back deck. Have you ever showered outside before? It's so freeing and liberating.


The big orange bowl is actually a hot tub, and it's heated by fire! You put the wood in the metal springs on the left and it heats the entire thing. We didn't get to try it because we were too tired, but we heard they were lovely.


After we got cleaned up, we got a tour of the grounds and met everyone for appetizers and drinks before dinner. Everything was catered by Marfa Table, and it was all so fresh and delicious. We kept asking for the recipes to each dish every time they brought out a new one.


After dinner we went straight to bed since we had to be up at 6am, but we weren’t mad about it. We got to tour the Chinati Foundation at sunrise and it’s hard to explain just how beautiful a Texas sunrise is.

Stay tuned for day two. xx