Our First Taylor Swift Concert


Last Saturday we went to our very first Taylor Swift concert at the brand new Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta and wow. It was mind blowing.

Have you seen her live before? She puts on the most spectacular show and has really come a long way from her country-pop days. Her vocals were insanely good, her dancing was spot on, and her candidness and honesty with the crowd was so welcoming and refreshing.  

We went with one of Thomas’ best friends Gina and her friend Marissa. When we first got there, we stopped at the Westin to visit Thomas’ sister Sydney and her girlfriend Alice and while we were on the top floor, we started snooping around downtown with their crazy telescopes. The view was gorgeous:


The new Mercedes-Benz stadium was SO NICE. It’s ginormous and could easily fit the tens of thousands of people that came to see her. Apparently she is the first female to headline a concert there.


See that wristband? They are given out at the start of the concert and light up according to what song/part in the show was playing, creating the most magical experience. It was like being inside of a movie as it was being made, getting to see the behind the scenes special effects. When they all lit up at the same time while she sang “Delicate”, you could see the entire stadium:


Please look at what the scene was when the show was over and everyone was going home. It was like ants scattering all over the palace. Complete madness. Crazy how much money she brings in to the cities she plays and how many people she employs with her concerts. A true and generous queen!


We had such a blast and can’t thank Gina enough for taking us on another amazing concert for the third year in a row. We love you (and Taylor) Gina!!!!


 (Marissa, left, and Gina, sitting on the throne)