Home Again, For a While


We are back home from Mexico! We went to Playa del Carmen for five days with some of our best friends all thanks to HotelTonight, a really cool and convenient app that allows you to book last minute hotel rooms for cheap prices. 

It feels somewhat weird calling them some of our best friends since we all met on Instagram and have only seen each other a handful of times, (some we met for the first time in Mexico!) but it's true. We have all grown close in a short amount of time and we're so grateful for their friendship. Stay tuned for a vlog of the entire trip! 


We have been traveling so much the last two months and we've had the time of our lives, honestly. We told ourselves this year was the year of travel and so far we've been fortunate enough to be able to go all over, making new friends along the way. However, once we walked through our front door last night and felt the overwhelmingly good feeling of FINALLY being home, we couldn't help but feel so thankful that we don't have anything planned for a while. However, we DO plan to spend more time with family, clean the whole house, rearrange some things, cook more (all of this traveling = not eating so great), and possibly starting a mini renovation on a room at home.


As of right now we have a couple trips planned in September, October, and November, so we're going to enjoy the down time in the next few months. You know home is our happy place. It's where we can be ourselves, watch whatever we want, eat whatever we want, and spend endless amounts of time figuring out our next design project. There’s no place else we’d rather be.

It feels good to be home, doesn't it?