Day 16: River Saturday


(Alyster pretending to be a statue in the living room yesterday)

Saturday saw us having such beautiful weather that it was hard not to have a good day. 

Do you ever have days like that? Where even if you were trying, the weather is keeping you from being in a bad mood? For whatever reason, it wasn't very humid all day, and while it was still really hot, it didn't ever feel smothering like it usually does. When we were hot, we'd hop in the river and cool off. 

Taylor (Thomas' brother) lives about 30 minutes away in a house he built a few years ago on the river. We've spent the majority of our family holidays at his place since it's big enough to accommodate everyone. He's the best host, and opens his house to anyone who enters. 


We spent most of the day on the boat with the family and our good friend Golden. He had never been pulled on a tube behind a boat before, so it was so fun to see him experience something for the first time and actually enjoy it. 


Chicken salad made a popular appearance, too.


When we got back to Taylor's, he grilled some bratwursts with peppers and onions for a late, late lunch. We ate and laughed and relaxed for a bit, then packed up the car and headed home. 


Any day that we can spend outside with family is a win in our book. Feeling grateful for days like Saturday where we have no real obligations but to be with the people in front of us. To soak up the sun and share experiences with each other. How about you? Did you have a good day, too? xx

P.S.: obligatory cute morning pictures of Alyster because he was being such a ham yesterday morning. What did we do before him?