Day 14: Dinner at Lauren’s


Alternate title of this post: We Didn't Have to Make Dinner Last Night!

But we also got to see some family that we just don't see enough. We went to dinner at our cousin Lauren's house to eat with her husband and two precious little girls. Lauren and PJ were best friends growing up, being first cousins and in the same grade, they were more like siblings, and have been through everything together.

She made us this delicious creamy pasta that we've been preparing for by eating well all week so that we could splurge last night. It's all about balance, right? She also made these rich and decadent chocolate cupcakes and again, balance. :)

Lauren and her family live in her and PJ's grandma's old house, set on this HUGE lot/farm with all of these cute little trails and areas to enjoy, like this one which used to be a pond with a little waterfall where all the ivy is pouring out of:


 It was fun hearing PJ recollect where stuff used to be on the land, how his grandma used to be, and how much stuff she grew in her garden back in the day to feed the whole family. Learning about each other's families never gets old, and after 8 years we're finding there's still so much to learn, and maybe that's what it's all about and we'll forever be learning new things about each other. 

That's kind of exciting to think about, isn't it? xx