Day 12: One of Those Days


Admittantly, nothing extremely interesting or exciting happened on day 12 of our 30 day challenge.

We were waiting (sadly) for a day like this, where it’s just a boring old normal day. We feel somewhat disappointed in ourselves for not being able to single out the most beautiful thing that happened. We went to the grocery store, stopped by the farmer’s market, went to the office, uploaded some pictures for a listing PJ just got, took Alyster to the vet (finally), made dinner, and watched a movie. And that was it.

Should we have tried harder to make the day more beautiful or extraordinary? On the other hand, if we did try harder, would it have only been because of this challenge and the fact that we’re writing it for people to see, and not just because we wanted to for us? At the same time, the point of this whole challenge is to find the beautiful in the normal, mundane, everyday. So, in the end, maybe we should have just looked a little harder.

In any event, we did make dinner and watch a movie together, which was nice enough to mention here. The movie was so good. The dinner? Not so much. We made vegan Alfredo sauce, well, tried to make it is more accurate. We followed the recipe exactly but it just wasn’t good for some reason. Maybe we’ll just bite the bullet and make our regular, tons of fat and calories Alfredo sauce from now on and only have it once a month, as opposed to once a week 😊.

You know, after writing this blog post today, we’ve come to the conclusion that it’s okay to not always have good days, at least good enough to write in a 30 day challenge. It’s okay to not always find the bright and beautiful in each day, otherwise we might not appreciate them so much. It’s okay if you’re not happy with the way the day went, just as long as you promise yourself that tomorrow will be better, whatever that may mean to you. Life isn’t wonderful and great all the time. And that’s okay. We’ll all make it through together. 

We hope you had a good day yesterday, and if you didn’t, we hope you have the strength to make today extraordinary.