Day 7: Cozy Rain Storm


Suddenly this blog has turned into nothing but pictures of our bedroom. Totally unintentional. And we apologize.

But last night after we got home, and once we settled in, it started raining, no, pouring, like it hadn't rained in months or something. It came out of nowhere but we welcomed it with open arms. If you've been following us for a while, you know that dark, rainy weather is our favorite, especially if we're home with  nowhere to be. 

Alyster seemed to be loving it too.


Maybe it has to do with that feeling of home we're always talking about. You know, the safe, warm feeling you get when you're relaxing with your love, or baking cookies in the fall, or drinking your morning coffee on the couch. It's that overwhelming sense of feeling completely content in your space, regardless of what's going on outside your four walls.. 

Do you know what we mean?

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