Home Again


Not to be confused with the 2017 Hallie Meyers-Shyer movie, (which was so good, have you seen it?) but we are HOME!

We got home Sunday night and there’s no better feeling than walking in your front door after a long trip. We had an absolute BLAST on the cruise so expect to see a new YouTube video about the entire thing next week, including meeting a certain someone that we never thought we’d have the chance to meet!

To catch you up, we went on a 7 day cruise with Celebrity Cruises. We cruised with them in Feb of this year, along with our friends Beau and Matt from ProbablyThis, and had so much fun, so we were thrilled when they asked us to go cruising again last week.   

We’re just going to come out now and say it: we ate WAY too much. It’s honestly hard not to when you have so much good food readily available for you at all times!! We plan to get back on track this week with eating better now that we won’t be so tempted ;).


(Celebrating at the #PridePartyAtSea on board the Celebrity Summit)

We had the time of our lives celebrating Pride with Celebrity Cruises last Tuesday on the ship. How cool is that, that they support the LGBTQ community so much? We walked in a parade around the top of the ship, danced until we were sore, and just had an all around great time. Wish you could have seen how many people cheered when we all started the parade with our rainbow headbands and glow sticks. It was a beautiful site seeing everyone come together to support equality for all.

Happy Pride month indeed.

We'll be back later this week with more updates! So glad to be home!!!!