Feature Friday with Andrew Kutz & Tyler Coldwell

Happy Friday y'all! How has your week been? Doesn't it seem like they're flying by? We can't believe it's already June. Any plans for the weekend? We have a very fun (and last minute) trip planned that we can't wait to tell you about!! 

This week's FF is so cute and relatable for a number of reasons. They argue over what they want to eat (#same), they are big on family (#same) and one of them came out around the age of 20 (also, #same). Wait until you read how they each knew each other were "the one", it's one of those perfect moments you only see in the movies. We're excited to share Andrew & Tyler's story with y'all today. Take a look...


Where are you from? Andrew: born outside Seattle and raised in Newville Pennsylvania Tyler: born and raised north central Ohio

Where do you live? Currently we just moved back to the West Coast to Downtown Los Angeles.

 What’s your Instagram handle? Joint: AKTC0702 Andrew: ABKUTZ Tyler: TJCOLDWELL

Age: Andrew=29 (till July, holding on to my twenties) Tyler= 30 (we don’t discuss it)

Relationship status: Engaged


What is your favorite place you have travelled to and why? Paris, it’s where we got engaged.  Andrew flew into Paris to surprise me and propose outside Sacré-Cœur Basilica (sacred-heart basilica) for 24 hrs before flying back. 


How did you guys meet? Who asked out who? Tyler had decided last minute to go to Vegas for his best friends 30th birthday. Tyler and his friend, Vanessa were leaving a local bar to go to another place to continue the celebration. As Tyler was backing his car out of a spot so Vanessa could get in, she spotted Andrew walking towards her and asked him for a favor, she said her best friend was trying to leave her and he should call him a D-bag. To which Andrew obliged and yelled “hey Tyler, your a deuce.” Tyler being very puzzled looked like who is this guy. Vanessa laughed the whole way to the car and they left. About an hour later they came back and saw Andrew going between groups of friends at the bar. Tylers’  friend spotted me (Andrew) and said hey that’s the guy.  At that point I thought I should actually introduce myself and said “Hi I’m Andrew”.  After some time talking Tyler and his friend decided they were heading home while I was going to join other friends at a club near.  Upon leaving we exchanged numbers and I said I would call him or message him from a hour after I get in.  Well that hour came and when I was walking out to head home I walked to my car which was towed.  Upon letting Tyler who was still up came back with “I can come get you,” I was surprised at how nice and genuine he was and accepted. I put him through the ringer that next 24 hours when I not only introduced him to my parents who were in town for the holiday but also had him join us all for the car at the impound but also tell him that my mom said she wouldn’t mind Tyler calling her mom.  This one night lead to several other crazy events the next few days but have been together ever since. 


How did you know each other were “the one”? Andrew: there were two moments for me that I knew Tyler was the one, the first one that night we met and he offered to pick me up but also that night after meeting his three dogs we also cuddled that night and it’s the first night that I fell asleep on his shoulder in his arms and woke up in that same spot the next moment.  The second is right after we moved from Vegas to DC and were out with friends after getting back from his best friends wedding in the Dominican that I had decided to get the ring from Tiffany’s and when I found the perfect one the look I had on my face and the realization that I was more than happy to say he is going to be my fiancé.  

Tyler: the moment I knew Andrew was the one was when I had to leave on Monday (the weekend we met). I extended my trip and left Monday instead of Sunday. When I got in the car and said goodbye to Andrew and started driving I felt this awful feeling of pain. The further I drove the more it hurt and I wanted nothing more than to turn around and go back to him. I realized then in that moment that I never wanted to live another day without him. Even though I knew I would see him in a few days it was too long. He was the one for me and I was excited to see what our next adventures would be together. 


Any big plans for the future? Where do you see yourselves in 10 years? First we see ourselves married, we are big on family and are looking to foster/adopt.  We are also looking to continue to grow Tyler’s real estate/ development firm here on the west coast while having opening Andrews Coffee/ wine bar.  Ideally we are looking to settle down in Seattle with our own house big enough for the kids but also my larger family to visit and spend more time with us. 


How would you describe your home decor style? Well Andrew’s idea of furniture when we met was two bar stools and a couch and bed ( both of which were inflatable). Meanwhile I came with a fully stocked household with accents like my home was staged for sale. While admittedly almost all of the style is mine (Tyler’s) it’s because I do it for a living. Our perfect home style is a nice transitional farmhouse style as it is our roots but also keeps us in the trendy LA and developer community. We always want the house to be warm and inviting for guests while comfortable for us. 


What is the last show you binged watched? We regularly watch the real housewives of anywhere, but binge watch would be Grace and Frankie. ANDREW would choose Unearthed but I’d rather do my taxes. Lol

How do you guys handle arguments? AND what’s the silliest thing you’ve ever fought over? Typically over dinner and a bottle of wine.....sometimes it takes a few bottles but then we get to a resolution. The silliest argument we ever had was picking out what to eat after a night out. I wanted tacos and Andrew hates Mexican food. Lol


How old were you when you came out and what was your experience like? Tyler- I came out when I was 20 years old. I had met a guy who I found myself attracted too. I had eased into everything first telling my best friend I was bisexual and later my mom suspected and ask me. I told her she was right and all she said is “ now don’t you feel better that is out, I already knew and nothing is going to change as long as your happy.” My Dad on the other hand (divorced parents) threatened to hit me and said I was lucky I caught him in a bad mood. We don’t really have a relationship as see each other every few years. 

Andrew-I didn’t officially tell my family till the February before Tyler and I met in 2016.   For me it was waiting for that moment to feel safe and that it was the right time.  I wasn’t completely out as I had also dated Women prior and for me it was who I felt comfortable with and it didn’t matter if it was a male or female, It’s the personal connection that makes a relationship not the label. 


Have you faced any backlash as a couple since coming out? If so, how do you deal with that? Andrew- Yes- not from our friends and family though but from other guys in the community. Mainly the story of how is this guy the one when I wasn’t and how are you really going to make that work when you can’t make it work with me or even make time for me. 

Tyler- We tune it out. It’s not worth our time and energy as we both have very rewarding lives already and we know what we mean to each other. All of the rest is white noise. 


What is your favorite thing about one another? Tyler- my favorite thing about Andrew is how he is always so supportive and would move heaven and earth to make me happy (including Moving across the country and away from his family for my career). He is my strength when I am weak and my hope when I am beaten. I think the phrase I like best is that he is “the butter to my bread and the breath to my lungs”

Andrew- My favorite thing about Tyler would have to be the amount  of compassion he has and even though he’s the sensitive one he never loses the drive for the things or ones he loves.  He is always there for a family member or friend and regardless of obstacles makes sure that he is there for them or will find a way to be. He compassion is what many see right away and what makes him a true friend and soon to be husband