We Have a New Member in Our Family


If you've been following our stories on Instagram, then you may have already heard the news BUT in case you haven't, then we have some exciting news (well, to us anyway!!). We have a tiny new member in the McKay household!! Y'all, meet Alyster!!!


We plan on telling you all about how we found him in a YouTube video, but basically PJ spotted him as we were walking down a street in Alys Beach. He was with his mom in a construction site surrounded by concrete and nails. We tried to get his mom and take her home with us too but she sadly wouldn't come, no matter how hard we tried.


We tried to give him back to his mom but she wouldn't have him. We debated on if we should take him from her and separate them and in the end we knew that she was about to wean herself off of him in a week or two, since he is around 4-5 weeks old, so in the end we decided to take him home with us.

At first we weren't sure if he was a boy or girl, so we named him Alys (pronounced "Alice") since we found him in Alys Beach. Then, we looked and saw that he was a boy, so Thomas named him Alyster instead, and now we can't picture him as anyone else!


We were worried the girls would absolutely hate him and try to eat him. Luckily, Jolie has taken to him and has even begun to treat him like he's her baby. It's probably the cutest thing we've ever seen. She's been licking him and fleaing him and looking out for him and it's giving us all the feels. She is acting like a mom to him and we think she's loving it since she never got the chance to be a mom herself.


Meryl on the other hand has not been so welcoming. She's snapped at him a couple of times and seems to fee uncomfortable around him which is weird because we thought she would be the most accepting of him. Jolie is usually the standoffish one, especially when it comes to things that are smaller than her (like babies and kittens, apparently).


By the end of tonight they've all made progress with each other. And not just with each other!! Alyster has warmed up to us and has been purring a lot in the last few hours. He likes to play with PJ's fingers, bite on Meryl's ears, and pretend to pounce on the ground. He's being really playful right now and we're soaking it in since he will start to get a lot bigger pretty fast in the next couple of weeks.


He likes to eat a lot and sleep a lot, and play just as much. We've received so many tips from you guys about how to acclimate him to the girls (elevate him when introducing him to the girls so that they feel inferior to him), get him used to our house (put olive oil on his nose to reset his sense of smell), and how to feed him (with a bottle for now). 

PJ has actually been talking about wanting a cat recently so it sort of feels like fate that we found Alyster. We weren't sure if we were going to keep him forever or just for a while until we found him a new home, but now that he's here we can't imagine him being anywhere else. If you remember, we found Meryl in a parking lot at PJ's old real estate company he was at, so we sort of have a soft spot for animals that need a good home. 

Stay tuned for the full story! In the meantime, you can most likely expect lots of cat videos on our Instagram stories. Okay tbh we never thought we would write a sentence like that. Who are we!?!?