Wine Night!


Our friend Sayle and her wife Jodi are in town this weekend and they were kind enough to invite us to their friend's house for a little get together! Sayle owns and runs a wine education company called Wine Savy NYC, so she knows almost all there is to know about wine, though she would never admit it herself :). Refinery 29 recently interviewed her about the best wines to drink now that it's summer. Isn't she a genius?

They had the most beautiful spread and, of course, the most amazing wine. We are suckers for a good charcuterie board and the ones they had last night did not disappoint. We ended up staying for almost five hours just chatting and laughing with everyone, feeling like we've known them forever and like we were just catching up. Actually, the cool thing is that they've all known each other since they were five years old and have remained close over the years. How crazy is that? 


Also, have you ever had pickle pops? It's just pickle juice that you put in the freezer and they become freezer pops. They're really, really salty at first but after a few seconds they're delicious. Our sweet host Blair had an entire box of them!


This was all of us! Thank God for self-timers and cellphones.


Last but not least, this was by far our favorite wine of the night. Absolutely delicious. Okaybye.