Our Family-Filled Christmas


How was your Christmas? Didn’t it come and go so fast? To be honest, when does it not?

We spent ours with family starting on Christmas Eve night. Thomas’ mom and little sister came over and brought lots of presents and food with them. After that, Thomas’ brother and his girlfriend (who spent Christmas with us for the first time!) came next and then we were all in for the night. We spent the night eating cheese and dips and crackers and drinking wine. Honest question: is there anything better than good wine and great company?


Thomas’ mom


We also went live on our YouTube channel with the family! You can check that out here.

We kept our Christmas tradition that we do every year and watched The Family Stone. It’s our favorite Christmas movie ever! Have you seen it? It’s a touching and heartwarming story. And an added bonus is that their house is AMAZING.


We woke up the next morning (after staying up way too late) and made coffee, cinnamon rolls, and an egg casserole that Thomas’ mom made the night before.


Thomas received the same book, Becoming by Michelle Obama, from both PJ and Thomas’ brother Taylor. Which one should he keep? Haha. His brother also got him the book Less, which received the Pulitzer Prize last year.

PJ got Homebody, Joanna Gaine’s new design book! Never have we ever gotten so many books in one year 😂. Can’t wait to dive into all of them!


Thomas’ mom got PJ some Carhartt overalls! These will be perfect for working on the land next year.


Alyster got scratching post and didn’t stop playing with it all day. How cute is he?!


We forgot to take any pictures after that, which we’re taking as a good thing because (in our heads) it means we were more present with our family and friends on our favorite day of the year. After we cleaned up, we headed to PJ’s aunt’s house for his mom’s side of the family’s Christmas. Thomas’ mom and sister and her girlfriend came with us and we all ate BBQ and so many desserts. We caught up with cousins we hadn’t seen in a while and hugged our moms tightly.

We felt grateful to the chance to spend Christmas with both of our families again this year. Christmas is our favorite holiday and our favorite time of the year. As we’ve gotten older, though, we’ve realized that it’s entirely because of the family we spend it with. Without them, Christmas wouldn’t be the same to us.

We hope you had a wonderful Christmas, too, friends. We are going to be taking a break from the blog until the new year, so be sure to check back in next year for more posts!