We’ve Been Doing Something Fun This Week


For the past few days, we’ve been trying something new and we’re having a blast!

So far, every night this week, we’ve been going live on our YouTube channel. It’s been such a cool and different way to get to interact with y’all, right there, in real time. We go live on Instgram pretty often, but going live on YouTube feels different somehow, like the stakes are higher. The neat part is, once we’re finished, it saves as a YouTube video on our channel, so if you missed us going live, you can go back and watch it later on. Speaking of, you can watch our first live this week here. Oh, and here’s day two, day three (where Thomas’ family joins us and his mom talks about what it was like raising a son who she knew was gay, but didn’t come out until later), and last night’s.

Maybe we’ll plan to go live more often? We’ve been playing around with it this week, seeing which room gets the best light to record in, asking y’all which topics you’d like to see us cover and talk about, etc. Again, we’re having a lot of fun with this!

We have a lot of topics to cover next year, and we can’t wait to explore those with you. Stay tuned!

PS: don’t for get to subscribe to our YouTube channel so you’re notified the next time we go live!