The Best Feeling in the World


You know that feeling you get when, just for a moment, everything feels right in the world? For a split second you’re in a type of heaven where nothing else matters but exactly what is happening right then and there. The worries and the stresses of the day, scratch that, life, don’t matter. But only for a second. It’s the best feeling in the world. Do you know what we mean?

A few that come to mind for us are:

That first, beautiful sip of coffee in the morning

Getting undressed at the end of a long day

Sex after a fight

Putting clean sheets on your bed (the smell!)

Helping someone in need for no reason

Helping someone who’s not in need for no reason

Getting a spot towards the front of the parking lot

Hugging someone you haven’t seen in a while

Smelling your dogs a day after they’ve had a bath

Discovering something (anything) for the first time

Finishing a project you’ve been working on nonstop

Laughing with your significant other

Saying “I love you” with no words

Holding hands with your significant other in public

Sleeping in just 10 more minutes

Waking up before anyone else

Feeling needed

Feeling loved

Giving love

What would you add?