Three Fun Fall Sweaters


You already saw some of the sweaters we wore to Amsterdam, (like PJ’s pictured above) but we’re crushing on a couple more now that the weather is getting even colder here in Tennessee. Is there anything better than wrapping up in a warm sweater on a chilly night? Today, we’re picking our top three favorite sweaters of the season that we can’t get out of our minds.

This burgundy chunky waffle-knit sweater from Forever 21 is the sister to Thomas’ yellow one he wore in Amsterdam. If we love a piece of clothing, we’re sometimes guilty of buying the same thing in different colors, especially in the fall with colors like orange, brown, and burgundy.

For when you want a classic, goes-with-anything look, Gap’s crew neck sweater in dark charcoal fits the bill. Sometimes fall doesn’t have to be all about reds and oranges. Sometimes, a simple gray sweater goes a long way, especially black pants.

If you’re feeling a little bold, this striped rugby sweater by J. Crew would be a lot of fun this fall, don’t you think? We would wear this with some jeans and casual sneakers or desert boots. Bonus: it’s on sale! But they only have XL in stock.

Fall fashion is our favorite, and every year we look forward to seeing what other people are wearing. Now brb, a fire, a glass of wine, and one of these sweaters are calling our names!