We Finally Got a PO Box!


After months and months of telling ourselves we needed to get one, and for some reason aways putting in on the back burner, we finally got our very own PO Box! We love hearing from you guys online but we've been hearing from more and more of you that you might also be interested in sending us physical mail. Now you can!

We are so excited to be able to connect with you this way. It's one thing to see pictures and words online, but it's such a great feeling to talk via a hand written letter isn't it? There's something so intentional and thoughtful about writing a letter to someone. We're here to answer any questions or help in any way we can. 

Can we talk about our box for a second? It's located downtown and it looks like it hasn't been used in decades. We opened it up and laughed because of all the cobwebs and dust. Oh, and ours is 939, not 938. The picture is a little misleading :).


So, Lisa at USPS kindly wrote the address on the post it above, but just in case, our PO Box address is:

PO Box 939

Cleveland, TN 37364-0939

We can't wait to hear from you. Happy Friday! We hope you have a great weekend.