Feature Friday with Josh Scoles

TGIF everyone! We've been looking forward to this weekend for weeks now because tomorrow, Saturday Sept 9th, is the event we are emceeing: Arts for CARES! We are so excited to be a part of this event to help spread awareness for HIV and HIV-related illnesses. It starts at 7p and goes until 10p. Tickets are $120 and there will be performances, light hors d'oeuvres served, and an open bar. We hope to see y'all there!

This Feature Friday we are highlighting a jet-setting, "at-home chef" who has some pretty inspiring words. Reading these responses has us itching to travel and we hope to be able to say we've been to as many countries as Josh has one day! Take a look below to see what we mean...



Where are you from? Patterson, California

Where do you live? Orange County, California

What’s your Instagram handle? @joshscoles

Age? 28

Relationship Status? Single


What is something you think people should know about you? I was raised in a very small town in central California. I was fortunate enough to spend my early twenties living in France, Japan, Canada and on a cruise ship before moving back to California for work. Self proclaimed foodie, and at-home chef with a passion for whiskey.


 Choose a song for the story of your life: This is a hard one. I'm not sure I could pick one song to sum up the entire story of my life. Here are some songs that are definitely on the soundtrack to my life though: My Hometown- Bruce Springsteen/Every Little Thing She Does is Magic- The Police/Stay (Wasting Time)- Dave Matthews Band/Good Time - Owl City & Carly Rae Jepsen


What is one thing you would tell your younger self right now? "You have absolutely no idea where your talents and ambitions will take you. Persist, and become the best you can be, and you will find rewards in that alone."


How would you describe your home décor style? Mid-Century Modern. I love clean lines, light walls, and a room that is accessorized with personal belongings and items that have a story or meaning behind them.

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Any big plans for the future? Where do you see yourself in 10 years? Continuing to do my best and challenge myself. Although I set goals and milestones, I like for my path to unfold before me. I've learned in the past that life is full of forks in the road, and you rarely see them coming. In 10 years I hope to be someplace where I am settled, thriving and surrounded by love.

Tell us your favorite quote and why: "There's the whole world at your feet."- Bert, Mary Poppins. I have found inspiration from this quote many times. It reminds me that we each have the opportunity to learn, grow, and pursue our dreams.

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What is one thing still left on your bucket list? I would love to do a cross-country road trip through the US. I lived abroad for three years and was able to do some amazing traveling, but now I'd like to see more of my own country and all it has to offer!


How old were you when you came out and what was your experience like? I never really had the typical coming out "moment". Most people found out as time went on, but I'm positive that many people knew before I even realized it myself, which made the process a bit easier.


Have you faced any backlash or hardships since coming out? I have been incredibly lucky to be surrounded by the most loving and encouraging family, friends and work environments. Any hardships I may have faced are simply from life, not my sexuality. Surrounding yourself with a caring and kind community of people is key.

Who is your inspiration (either fictional or real) and who do you look up to the most? Everyday I find inspiration from my parents. They have taught me so much over my life, and lead by example in everything they do. I've seen them be strong, powerful, kind, logical and at times vulnerable. Those are qualities that I find outstanding and strive for.

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