An Early Fall Weekend


This past weekend, while the weather was devastating in other parts of the country, it was absolutely beautiful in Tennessee. We had the windows open and the doors cracked, letting the sunshine and cool breeze pour in. It was a fleeting, early fall weekend, with temperatures rising back up into the 80s in a few days once the rainy and windy weather ceases.

We want to apologize now for all of the fall posts that are coming your way in the next couple of months. We are absolutely obsessed with fall and all the feelings that come with it. Are we #basic? Probably. But we aren't exaggerating when we say our town turns into Salem, MA from Hocus Pocus during the Halloween/fall season. So can you really blame us?

(Trick or Treat Yourself pillow, Jack O Lantern pillow, Silver Beaded pillow, Windsor dining chairs)