Why We Switched From a Keurig to a Coffee Pot


For the past 2+ years we've made our coffee every morning with a Keurig. We received it as a gift from a good friend for Christmas and we loved how fast and convenient it was. You pop in the K-Cup and in 10 seconds you have a steaming cup of coffee and you're on your way out the door.

For the past couple of months, though, our coffee has been tasting funny. We tried switching coffee brands to see if that would help get the burnt, stale taste out but nothing was working. Then one day PJ discovered an old coffee pot we had that had been packed away years ago and decided to plug it in just to try it out. We haven't looked back since.

We decided to do a little research into why our coffee was tasting so bad and we came across this article from Business Insider that put what we were tasting into words. Did you know by the time the K-Cups get to you they've already begun to go stale? Also, the machines themselves don't get the water hot enough for optimal extraction and taste, which is another reason coffee from a Keurig doesn't taste as good. Not to mention, the K-Cups are terrible for the environment, unless you use the reusable kind.

Plus, there's just something kind of charming to us about making a big pot of coffee in the morning and the smell of it waking you up. We get really excited and actually look forward to waking up and drinking our coffee and relaxing first thing in the morning. We haven't really noticed a difference in the time aspect of it. It doesn't take much longer to make in the coffee pot, and what we lose in convenience we make up for in taste, which is so huge for us. We can't believe we've waited this long to make the switch!

What about you? Do you make your coffee from a coffee pot or a Keurig? Have you noticed any differences? We would love to know!