Feeling Thankful


With the weather being so amazing lately, we've been spending a lot of time outside any way that we can. We went on a long walk around the neighborhood the other night and soaked up the warm air and birds chirping all around us. 

It feels good to finally be settled in our home and neighborhood after being here a year. With our last house, we were only in it for a year and a half, and almost half of that time was spent working on our current home, so we sometimes feel we didn't get to enjoy our last house as much. There were a lot of rooms we didn't get to finish decorating to really make them "our own", which is part of the reason we're feeling so thankful now to get the chance to do that in our current home.

Of course, there's still so much we want to do to our home now (even though we renovated it head to toe for a TV pilot, there were still some things that didn't get completed that we may shwo you in a future post) that we just haven't made time for. We talked a little bit about it in our Instagram post the other day and how we are just thankful for what we have, not for what we want, and it's true. It's something we constantly have to work at but if we remind ourselves as often as we can, maybe it will become our normal state of mind? 

We all have a lot to be thankful for if we take the time to really evaluate our lives and do our best to look past all of the things we don't like about our lives and focus on the things that we love. Mayve we don't have the perfect body or house or our dogs are terrors and we hate our jobs. Maybe we fight too much with our family or wish we made more money or wish we ate better or whatever. There are a million things we all wish were different about our lives, but what if we only talked about the things that we love about our lives? Wouldn't that be so much more rewarding? 

Not sure how or why we got on this rant or where this whole thing even came from, but it's been eye opening for us the past couple of days. In any event, we're thankful you're here with us, friend. We hope you enjoy your Friday and have a wonderful weekend :).


Rain, Finally


We've been going on almost a week with no rain, and our front yard was suffering because of it. It's been really hot here lately so our grass has almost started to burn, and we're pretty bad about not watering it. So, while the day started out beautifully, and the weather was perfect for sitting on the front porch and drinking coffee, around 6pm the sky turned dark. Very, very dark.

But, if you know us, then you know our feelings regarding rain and thunder storms. We worked for the majority of the day on an upcoming collaboration we're doing with a really fun company, but while we were finishing up, the clouds formed and the sun disappeared. It was windy and a warm breeze was blowing. Then, as if it couldn't hold it any longer, ginormous rain drops began to fall from the sky and within minutes you could barely see outside. 

Thomas has been meditating recently, so while the rain came down, he went on our back porch and relaxed for a few minutes. He downloaded the app Simple Habit. Have you heard of it? It's a fun, easy to use app that's been helpful in starting to meditate daily. 

As the rain came down outside, we felt safe inside and just enjoyed the gloomy, cozy weather as much as we could. The rain always brings us comfort in a way, and there’s no place else we would rather be than home. Do you feel this way about rain storms, too? 



Mother’s Day


(Our moms last year filming a scene for our pilot. PJ’s mom is on the left, Thomas’ on the right)

We hope you had a wonderful Mother’s Day yesterday!!! We were able to spend it with both of our moms throughout the day and we felt so grateful to get the chance to see each of them. 

We went to lunch with PJ's mom and then hung out at Thomas' mom's place for a bit. What would we do without these women who showed us how to love, how to work hard, how to never give up even when it would be the easiest thing in the world to do? We owe our moms everything and wouldn't be where we are today without them (literally). 

Here's to moms on Mother's Day and every day. xx

Wine Night!


Our friend Sayle and her wife Jodi are in town this weekend and they were kind enough to invite us to their friend's house for a little get together! Sayle owns and runs a wine education company called Wine Savy NYC, so she knows almost all there is to know about wine, though she would never admit it herself :). Refinery 29 recently interviewed her about the best wines to drink now that it's summer. Isn't she a genius?

They had the most beautiful spread and, of course, the most amazing wine. We are suckers for a good charcuterie board and the ones they had last night did not disappoint. We ended up staying for almost five hours just chatting and laughing with everyone, feeling like we've known them forever and like we were just catching up. Actually, the cool thing is that they've all known each other since they were five years old and have remained close over the years. How crazy is that? 


Also, have you ever had pickle pops? It's just pickle juice that you put in the freezer and they become freezer pops. They're really, really salty at first but after a few seconds they're delicious. Our sweet host Blair had an entire box of them!


This was all of us! Thank God for self-timers and cellphones.


Last but not least, this was by far our favorite wine of the night. Absolutely delicious. Okaybye.




(PJ and our next door neighbor Jane admiring her new plants)

Our neighbor Jane has been our neighbor since the 1980's. By that, we mean she was Thomas' family's neighbor before she was ours, so she's always been a constant in our lives over the years. When we bought the house back in May of 2016, we immediately started brainstorming with her on ideas for fixing it up (she's an interior designer) and started to become close.

PJ and Jane bond over their mutual love of plants and flowers and are always spitting our names of random plants that Thomas has never heard of. Last night, while we were working on restoring a new furniture piece we found on the side of the road, we noticed she was outside and called her over to ask for her opinion on color. We went over all the different ways we could use the piece and some color options and that conversation somehow turned into talking about plants. PJ always gets excited when that topic comes up :).

She showed us her front and back yard and how well her grass was doing and some new plants she put in some pots she's had for a while. The weather was just about perfect as it was nearing sunset, and her grass felt like a soft rug under our bare feet. She promised to let us know when her fig tree produced later this summer so that we could have some figs to make a couple of new recipes.

It got us thinking how grateful we are to have her as a neighbor, even after all these years. She has always been nothing but sweet, kind, gracious, and helpful towards us. She helped us stage our house for the pilot and we borrowed a lot of her furniture (we even borrowed her huge antique Persian rug to stage the dining room with- you can see it in our last post) from her house and her sister's house who lives down the street. She was the one who told us about that estate sale a few weeks ago and we went with her to look at all the pieces. She always has the most creative ideas on how to use certain items in a home, and naturally, her own home is so cozy and well decorated.

We don't ever really think about it, and maybe some times we even take it for granted, but we feel blessed for all of our neighbors who have accepted us into the neighborhood without a judging eye. They've all been so welcoming and sweet, which isn't always the case, and could have easily been the complete opposite, given the fact that we live in the south and there aren't many gay couples in the area. There are a few, though, and everyone seems to get along well. Very grateful indeed.


Also feeling grateful that her yard is so pretty because this is what we see when we look out our dining room windows and while we're on our back deck. Why can't our yard look like that?!!