We're PJ (green shirt) & Thomas (gray shirt) and we're a southern couple living in our small hometown in Tennessee. We have a passion for interior design and restoring old houses, and we even filmed a TV show about it for HGTV called Down to the Studs.

We were both born and raised in Cleveland, TN, a city of about 40,000 people where everyone knows everyone and you can't go to the grocery store without running into your mother's hairdresser's nephew. It's small, but we wouldn't have it any other way.

We started our Instagram account @PJandThomas (formerly @ThePropertyLovers) back in 2015 to document our journey of fixing up our 1950's house and now have decided to start this website as an extension of that channel. Here you will find DIY tips, home renovation posts, recipes, and snippets of our daily life together as two husbands living in the south. 

We love anything to do with old houses, pizza and movie nights, coffee, pups, Saturday mornings, traveling, wine, demo-days, and family, but most of all, each other. Glad y'all stopped by!

Our Story

We first met at a mutual friend's get together back in 2009, though Thomas had pretty much been in love with PJ since 2007 when he saw his picture on MySpace. At the time, PJ was in a relationship and Thomas wasn't out yet, so we didn't think much of it.

About 8 months later PJ's relationship ended and he sent Thomas a friend request on Facebook. We started messaging the whole day, and then texting all day the next. On day three, Thomas came over to PJ's house and we stayed up all night talking about our pasts, our futures, and everything in between. Thomas slept in the guest bedroom that night and in the morning PJ rushed off to work before Thomas was awake, but left a scribbled note on a torn envelope saying "I had fun last night, we should do it again some time. P.S.- you made it into my dream last night, pretty scary huh?" Thomas still has the envelope.

From there, we enjoyed spending every day together, though Thomas still wasn't out yet. About a month and a half into dating, Thomas came out to his family and friends and so nothing was holding us back anymore and we became official that fall. Thomas proposed to PJ on Christmas Day in 2014, and PJ returned the favor on Thomas' birthday the following March. We were married in October of 2015, another reason we love Fall more than any other season! Over the course of 8 years, we've been through 8 cars, 6 houses, 5 dogs, 1 cat, 2 different marriage proposals, 1 TV show, and endless amounts of laughter, tears, and joy. 

If y'all have any more questions, feel free to ask and email us at PropertyLoversEmail@gmail.com!